Research Overview

The CS faculty provide strong learning and research capabilities in the following thrust areas: Software Engineering, Computer Systems, Computer Security, Data Communications, and Algorithms and Machine Learning. In particular, recent journal and conference publications cover topics in appropriate technology, algorithms, parallel and distributed computing, operating systems, distributed systems and databases, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, computer networks, multimedia, computational biology and bioinformatics, computer security, and software engineering. The research within the department has been funded by several grants from government agencies (i.e. NSF, NIH, NAID, and ARO), and private industry companies (i.e. Microsoft, Lucent, Intel, HP, and Xerox).

Although our primary research thrusts are cybersecurity and big data analytics, our faculty conducts research in a broad range of areas.

Algorithms and Complexity Theory

Chunmei Liu, Robert Rwebangira, Wayne Patterson

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Harry Keeling, Robert Rwebangira, Reginald Hobbs

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Chunmei Liu, Legand Burge, Robert Rwebangira

Computer Architecture and Organization

Gedare Bloom, Legand Burge, Jiang Li

Database, Data Visualization and Analysis

Moses Garuba, Peter Keiller, Robert Rwebangira

Data Communications and Networking

Jiang Li, Gedare Bloom, Legand Burge, Todd Shurn, Torrance Fennell

Distributed/Parallel Computation and Operating Systems

Legand Burge, Gedare Bloom, Moses Garuba, Jiang Li

Information Assurance and Computer Security

Gedare Bloom, Gloria Washington, Moses Garuba, Wayne Patterson, Legand Burge, Jiang Li

Mobile Computing

Legand Burge, Jiang Li, Gloria Washington

Multimedia Systems, Visualization, Gaming, and WWW Applications

Todd Shurn, Legand Burge, Gloria Washington

Human Computer Interaction

Gloria Washington

Performance Modeling and Simulation

Gloria Washington, Pete Keiller, Legand Burge, Jiang Li

Software Engineering and Environments

Peter Keiller, Gloria Washington, Reginald Hobbs

Systems Engineering

Pete Keiller


Howard West: A First Step in Creating More Opportunities for African-American Engineers

Fri, February 2, 2018

Howard West, an educational and career development initiative between Howard University and Google, Inc., is a first step in creating more opportunities for African-American engineers. Howard West, a vision of President Frederick, was realized in 2017 with a successful pilot program. (Photo credit: Google) Read More >>

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop (Wed. Nov. 16th @ 6:30p - HUIRB 1st Floor)

Tue, November 15, 2016

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop (Wed. Nov. 16th @ 6:30p - HUIRB 1st Floor) Serious about launching your own startup! This is one of several workshops that will be offered throughout the year. For those students who participate in all the workshops, they will receive up to $3K to fund their venture. Read More >>


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